About Us

Jenny Lee started Red Pepper for a few reasons, but the main reason is that she loves awesome food!  Jenny's specialty is authentic Sichuan style dishes.  Some of Jenny's signature dishes are 回锅肉 (Twice Cooked Pork),夫妻肺片 (Beef & Tripe Tossed in Chili Sauce), 鸳鸯火锅 (Yuan Yang Hot Pot)...as well as many other popular Sichuan dishes.  Like many families that moved to the United States from other countries, Jenny's family craves foods from their home town, foods like their parents and grandparents used to make, as well as foods from their local restaurants and food kiosks.  Jenny is among those people who moved here from the city of 成都 (Chengdu) in the Province in China with her family. Jenny often prepares dishes for her family like the ones her mother used to prepare when Jenny lived in China.

Jenny prepares her dishes using the finest ingredients, using the exact recipes and cooking methods she learned from her mother.  Jenny believes that Red Pepper will be a place where families from all over the world can come to and get a taste of genuine Sichuan cuisine.

Any questions please call us.